Maine Senate Rejects LD 1458’s Minority Report

Today, the Maine Senate voted to strike down LD 1458’s Minority Report by a 24 to 10 vote. This bipartisan decision ensures franchise businesses can continue to operate without unnecessary government intrusion into private contracts, consumers will continue to receive products and services from Maine’s 3,600 franchise businesses and prospective franchisees will be able to invest in new franchises in Maine. This comes as a big win for the IFA, our members and the Maine franchise community.

IFA applauded the overwhelmingly bipartisan decision by the Maine Senate to protect Maine’s franchise businesses and strike down the radical nature of the LD 1458 minority report. We are respectfully pleased with senators for recognizing that the bill was simply a solution in search of a problem that doesn’t exist and was being promulgated by a vocal minority.

The bill, which would have made Maine the least attractive state for franchise development, created a complex new regulatory scheme that would impose unnecessary regulations on franchise small businesses in the state.

IFA would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the franchisees and franchisors that made their voices heard in Augusta.  From the Senate vote today, it is evident that our message of governmental intervention being unnecessary and harmful to franchising was heard. It was imperative that we continued to come out in numbers and in strength to show our united opposition against this bill, and it certainly paid off.

Moving forward we will continue to keep you abreast on any issues that may arise in the state.

To view the roll call on today’s hearing, please click here.

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