The Issue

The International Franchise Association released the statement below following the decision by the Maine Senate to reject LD 1458 minority report:

“IFA applauds the overwhelmingly bipartisan decision by the Maine Senate to protect Maine’s franchise businesses and strike down the radical nature of the LD 1458 minority report.

“This bill would have created a new regulatory scheme governing complex business to business relationships that would have made Maine the least attractive state for franchise development.

“We applaud senators for recognizing the bill was a solution in search of a problem that doesn’t exist and was being promulgated by a vocal minority who sought to distort reality for their own self-interest.

“This decision ensures franchise businesses can continue to operate without unnecessary government intrusion into private contracts, consumers will continue to receive products and services from Maine’s 3,600 franchise businesses and prospective franchisees will be able to invest in new franchises in Maine.”

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